The EU Hybrid Marine (HYMAR) project is an ICOMIA led collaborative research project funded under the EU’s Seventh Framework Research Programme (FP7)
ICOMIA’s 1st Hybrid Marine Propulsion Conference

14th November 2011, The Rai  Amsterdam
The EU HYMAR project is part of the EU’s long term strategy for the development of sustainable surface transport.  HYMAR is collecting information and developing practical solutions to the many problems associated with producing an efficient and effective hybrid marine propulsion system

In addition to discrete components, HYMAR is building the central “brain”, the controller which oversees the operation of the whole boat, managing energy flows and ensuring that the user’s objectives are met in the most efficient manner.

By the end of the summer of 2011, the project will have completed a comprehensive series of on-the-water tests, collecting a unique set of objective data about the true performance of conventional and hybrid propulsion systems.

As participants in a publicly funded project, the HYMAR team want to share as much of their experience as possible.  ICOMIA’s first hybrid marine propulsion conference is the ideal platform for us to do this.  Presentations will be short and focussed, illustrated with practical examples.  The material presented will be available to take away at the end of the conference, forming a practical reference work for those involved in hybrid systems design.
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Ken Wittamore (HYMAR Project manager)
Ken Wittamore is a marine technology advisor specialising in the identification and commercialisation of emerging technologies. He manages the EU HYMAR project on behalf of the International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA) and is a member of the EU Waterborne Technology Platform, the maritime industry group which provides the primary input to the European Commission on strategic maritime research...more
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The Conference Speakers:
Welcome to ICOMIA’s 1st International Hybrid Marine Propulsion Conference

  •     Presenting objective data on system performance and dedicated technical solutions
  •     Challenging conventional thinking using real world, whole boat data
  •     Offering inclusive discussion forum and networking opportunities
  •     Introducing 12 world renowned industry expert speakers
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